Love Spell Service List

Palm & Chakra Readings

Traditional palm and chakra readings are hard to come by, but I do some of the best work. These kinds of reading charts allow for a thorough mapping of one’s life.

Psychic & Past Life Readings

Having a classic psychic reading, whether it focuses on the past, present or future, is one of the best ways to gain some valuable insight. I offer some of the most comprehensive readings available!

Finding Your Soul Mate

Soul mates are super rare connections, one of a kind in nature, and typically represent true love. It is also possible to pin point a new soul mate, or to figure out what an old soul mate is up to!

Custom Love Spell

Many relationships have such unique situations they require unique attention. Fortunately, love spells can be easily customized and they are even more powerful this way!

Commitment, Proposal, and Marriage Spells

A lot of times, most of the relationship is going okay.  For example, if your relationship is merely lacking a more serious commitment from your partner, a commitment spell may be the perfect solution for you.

Divorce / Break Up Spells

Divorce and break up spells can help when you need to dissolve (or remove yourself) from an unhealthy relationship. These types of spells help promote a clean separation and break.

Get A Consultation

Reach out to me today and we can figure out what can be done for you and your love life!


Must be 18 or older. Individual results may vary.