Powerful Love Spell That Uses Candles

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Effective Love Spells Using Candles

Guaranteed Love spells That Use Candles

Candles are some of the easiest commodities to attain in terms of wiccan spell ingredients. When it comes to love spells, candles are almost always involved in the ritual to some extent. It is important to take special care in prepping the candles in order to produce guaranteed results. Love spells draw a lot of power from candles. Sometimes, in fact, candles are the center focus of a ritual, in which case they are even more important. Dressing candles (prep work) is often one of the biggest contributing factors to stronger connectivity between a target and a spell caster; and thus contributing more to the prep work leads to more powerful love spells.

What Candle Colors Work Best For Love Spells?

Although many candle colors can be manipulated to be used with love spells, there are some colors which respond far better than others. These are the best candles to use with a love spell:

  • Red Candles: Red candles are the most popular for love spells and are almost always included in the more powerful of love spells. They are often the first thought of candle color when it comes to casting a love spell of any kind.
  • Pink Candles: Pink candles are most frequently used for lust, passion, or romantic-based energies. They are used to entice more intimacy in a relationship.
  • White Candles: White candles can be used to amplify a love spell, increase connectivity to the target, protect the circle against negative energy, remove negative energy buildup from the aura, cleanse the aura (different than removing negativity from the aura), and protect love spell energy.
  • Blue Candles: Blue candles can be used to send thought and dream-based energies, to remove some negative energy, and to lighten the aura to make it more attracted to love spell-oriented energy. They can also be used to create an amplification in love spells.
  • Black Candles: Sometimes, black candles are popular for black magick love spells. They are used for break up castings, eliminating negative energy, and many customized focuses.
  • Gold Candles: Gold candles are often used to amplify the power of a spell.

It should also be noted that using more than one candle can be helpful. In fact, the more candles (within reason) the better!

Powerful Candle Love Spell That Works

Candle love spells can vary in strength and effectiveness. This is a powerful love spell that can be done at home using a single red candle:

Ingredients for the Spell:

  • (4) Red Love Spell
  • (1) Parchment or Paper
  • (1) Red Pen (must be red)
  • (1) Tablespoon of Salt
  • (1) Jasmine Oil (a few sprinkles will work)
  • (1) Tablespoon of Parsley
  • (1) Handful of Goldenseal
  • (1) Cup of Warm Water
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Mason Jar
  • (1) Dull knife or spoon

Steps to Cast the Spell:

  • Step 1: Begin by dimming all the lights, and lighting the white candle.
  • Step 2: Meditate for a few moments, eyes closed, imagining the results of the love spell.
  • Step 3: Blow out the candle.
  • Step 4: Using the utensil, carve the initials of both individuals involved in the love spell, into the white candle.
  • Step 5: Chant three times “I cleanse the auras of negativity and separation energy that is preventing a passionate union.”
  • Step 6: Relight the white candle.
  • Step 7: Carve a heart into two of the red candles and place them on either side of the burning white candle.
  • Step 8: Chant “I light these candles to represent each of the auras of which to unite” three times for each of these two red candles. You should also light both of these candles (the two with the heart carved into them).
  • Step 9: Sprinkle a bit of the Jasmine on the fingertips and rub it onto each of the two remaining, unlit, red candles.
  • Step 10: Chant three times “I dress and light these two candles as an offering of passion and love.” You should also light the two remaining red candles, placing one on each end (next two the other red candles).
  • Step 11: Meditate for a few moments, eyes closed, imagining the results of the love spell.
  • Step 12: Upon opening the eyes, pour the water, herbal ingredients, and the salt into the mason jar.
  • Step 13: Write the initials and dates of birth onto the parchment and fold it in half.
  • Step 14: Place the paper into the mason jar.
  • Step 15: Blow out the two most inner red candles (with hearts on them) and chant “May this represent our auras as they combine, creating a life long union” three times as you pour the wax pool that has formed at the top of the candle into the mason jar.
  • Step 16: Blow out the two most outer red candles (with the oil dressing on them) and chant “May this represent the binding energy between us, strengthening our relationship” three times as you pour the wax pool that has formed at the top of these candles into the mason jar as well.
  • Step 17: Blow out the white candle and chant “Protect the union of these auras, now and forever” three times as you pour the white pool of wax that has formed at the top of the candle into the mason jar.
  • Step 18: Chant “So mote it be” as you seal the mason jar.
  • Step 19: Bury the mason jar and the candles in a hole close to the casting location.

This particular spell will also work well if the remnants of the ingredients are buried somewhere close to your primary residence (backyard, front yard, sideyard, garden, flower pot, etc.). After it is buried, it never needs to be unsurfaced, even after results have manifested.

Final Tips for Casting a Love Spell Using A Candle

Never underestimate the power of recasting the same spell multiple times. Also never underestimate the effectiveness of hiring a third party spell casting professional to take care of it for you. Love spell experts have a lot of experience and can often make even the most difficult cases look like a cakewalk. Using multiple candles in a ritual can make it stronger, however, it will not be nearly as strong as having a full coven cast the spell on your behalf. Full covens are also able to manage many more candles at once. If casting a candle-based love spell, it is always best to spend ample time dressing the candles and preparing the circle. A love spell is only as good as the experience of the caster, quality of the ingredients, and strength of the spell itself. Prep work can go a long way, especially when it comes to candles and love spells.

Disclaimer: Always be careful when working with open flames And remember, love spells are always more powerful when they are performed by a third party spell caster.

About the Author:

Bethany is a certified High Priestess in her coven. She has been practicing Wicca and several other spiritual arts for more than three decades. She works with a full coven on a regular basis and has been casting for the public for over 20 years. Bethany takes great pride in putting her heart into her spellwork. She has created a very powerful, proprietary blend of magick that has proven to be effective throughout the years. Bethany specializes in love spells and love magick.

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