Spell to Return Ex Girlfriend

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Casting Love Spell to Return Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife

Wiccan Love Spell for Returning an Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife

Nothing hurts worse than being left by a spouse. Sometimes, it can even hurt more than if a spouse were to have passed away. Fear not, however, as there are many love spells designed to bring back an ex gf or ex wife. Though, casting love spells for women is much different than casting love spells for men. Women and men are affected by ingredients and chants much differently. Some love spells are more powerful for one gender than another. The most powerful spells are those which have been uniquely personalized and customized for a situation. Part of this, involves customizing the love spell to match the gender(s) involved in the love spell. Casting a spell to bring back an ex girlfriend or ex wife, means making modifications to the core ingredients and incantations.

How to Cast a Love Spell to Bring Back Your Ex Girlfriend

There are infinite ways to cast a love spell, and many ways that focus specifically on returning an ex. Female-targeting love spells also exist by the plentiful, however, some are still more effective than others. This is a basic love spell for returning an ex gf or ex wife…

Ingredients required:

  • (1) Red Candle
  • (1) White Candle
  • (1) Black Candle
  • (2) Tablespoons of cinnamon
  • (2) Handfuls of raw lavender
  • (1) Envelope
  • (1) Parchment or paper
  • (1) Pen or pencil

Casting Instructions:

Casting this spell multiple times will help increase potency, however, it is almost always better to include a professional. Having a professional spell cast will always be more powerful than casting a spell for oneself.

  • Step 1: Light all three of the candles.
  • Step 2: Write both names and dates of birth of the individuals included in the love spell on the parchment. Also include a few traits or characteristics that are desired from the love spell (things such as “commitment, passion, connectivity, communication, marriage, etc.”).
  • Step 3: Chant three times “With this candle I remove the negativity and shine light upon all darkness in this bond and relationship.”
  • Step 4: Close the eyes and meditate for 2-3 minutes, imagining the negative experiences that a relationship has suffered.
  • Step 5: Upon opening the eyes, blow out the black candle.
  • Step 6: Pour the black wax pool that has formed at the top of the black candle onto the parchment. It is okay if it covers any of the writing.
  • Step 7: Chant three times “With this candle I amplify the connection between us.”
  • Step 8: Close the eyes and meditate for another 2-3 minutes, imagining the positive attributes and experiences that the relationship has seen, and also positive scenarios imagined for the future.
  • Step 9: Upon opening the eyes, blow out the red candle.
  • Step 10: Pour the red wax pool that has formed at the top of the red candle onto the parchment. Again, it is okay if it covers any writing, or any of the black wax.
  • Step 11: Chant three times “With this candle I bind us in white light, permanently and forever more!”
  • Step 12: Close the eyes and meditate for a final 2-3 minutes, imagining a permanent life together, full of passion and commitment.
  • Step 13: Upon opening the eyes, blow out the white candle.
  • Step 14: Pour the white wax pool that has formed at the top of the white candle, onto the parchement.
  • Step 15: Chant three times “With this seal we bind us together, now and forever.”
  • Step 16: Combine the lavender and cinnamon onto the parchment and then fold it so that the herbs are kept inside the paper (turn the paper into a sort of container, enveloping the herbs and wax).
  • Step 17: House the paper inside the envelope and seal the envelope.
  • Step 18: Keep the envelop somewhere safe until the love spell results have materialized.

Always keep the envelop sealed until after results have formed. It should then remain sealed until it is burned.

Most Powerful Herbs For Attracting a Woman (Herbs That Attract a Female)

Some of the most powerful herbs and ingredients for love spells that focus on returning ex girlfriends and ex wives include:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Bayberry
  • Bay Leaves
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves*
  • Daises
  • Galangal Root*
  • Lavender
  • Maca
  • Passion Flower
  • Roses
  • Rose Petals
  • Spearmint
  • Wild Yam

*Used for both genders

Obviously there are many different types of love spells, and many which exist solely focusing on returning an ex.

Strongest Spell for Returning an Ex Girlfriend or Ex Wife

The most powerful love spell will be different depending upon the situation, however, there are some characteristics of a love spell which easily allow the spell caster to manipulate potency. These are some of the ways professional spell casters make a love spell stronger for returning an ex girlfriend or wife:

  • Casting the love spell on a full moon increases the potency of the existing bonds between two lovers.
  • Casting the love spell on a new moon increases the “new energy” required for restarting a love interest which has ended.
  • Casting a love spell on a waning moon helps relieve the negativity between two lovers.
  • Casting a love spell on a waxing moon increases the potency of the positive bonds between two lovers.
  • Improved ingredients list: higher quality ingredients = faster results.
  • Multiple spell casts (triple casting the love spell) can massively increase its influence, and ultimately its effectiveness over an aura.

Ultimately, the most important qualities in a powerful love spell include: experience in spell casting (and specifically in love spell casting), the size of a coven, the strength of the love spell itself, and the quality of the ingredients. It is undeniable that the fastest working love spell will usually be the love spell cast by the most powerful (and oftentimes most experienced) coven. This is one of the reasons it often makes more sense to outsource a love spell to a professional spell caster or psychics, rather than trying to cast it for oneself. Additionally, love spells that are cast for oneself are oftentimes far weaker than spells cast for other people.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Love Spell Caster

Although there are many spell casters and psychics whom can assist with a love spell for an ex gf or ex wife, some love spell casters are going to be dramatically stronger than others. Hiring the right professional spiritualist means ensuring they meet a certain standard. Some of the best tips for hiring a professional love spell caster include:

  • Ensure they have a money back guarantee.
  • Find a spell caster offering a free consultation.
  • Find a spell caster or psychic that is okay with answering questions.
  • Go with the gut (oftentimes intuition reveals the best spell caster for the job).

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About the Author:

Bethany is a certified High Priestess in her coven. She has been practicing Wicca and several other spiritual arts for more than three decades. She works with a full coven on a regular basis and has been casting for the public for over 20 years. Bethany takes great pride in putting her heart into her spellwork. She has created a very powerful, proprietary blend of magick that has proven to be effective throughout the years. Bethany specializes in love spells and love magick.

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