Most Powerful Wiccan Break Up Spells

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Casting a Powerful Wicca Break Up Spell

Wiccan Break Up Spells That Work

It is extremely painful to see another couple together knowing that you were meant to be with one of them. Some relationships are so obviously not meant to be, that it is very noticeable! Fortunately, there are many Wiccan spells for break up that are powerful enough to end any relationship. A relationship that was not meant to be is much easier to break up, and white magick can accomplish such a separation without developing any negative energy or consequences. Still, there are many factors in selecting the right ingredients and spell for an effective breakup casting.

Best Ingredients for a Wiccan Break Up Spell

Although there are many Wiccan break up spells, some ingredients are more powerful than others. These ingredients are commonly found in break up spells:

  • Absinthe
  • Balomy
  • Betel Nut
  • Ginger
  • Mustard Seed
  • Patchouli
  • Poppy Seed
  • Slippery Elm
  • Wormwood

It is very common to find all types of spells, some which are composed of only a few ingredients, and others which require many ingredients. That said, however, the amount of ingredients does not indicate the strength of the spell.

How to Cast an Effective Break Up Spell

Break up spells are most powerful when they are cast by someone who is unrelated to the situation. This means, a spell caster or coven which has no direct relationship to anyone involved in the spell casting. The most effective breakup spells still make use of the highest quality ingredients and the strongest possible incantations. This is a really effective break up spell, however basic…


  • (3) Tablespoons of crushed or powdered Cloves
  • (2) Tablespoons of salt
  • (2) Black candle
  • (1) White candle
  • (1) 2 foot long string
  • (1) Cloth big enough to wrap both candles
  • (1) Piece of paper or parchment

Steps to Casting the Spell:

  • Step 1: Light the black candles.
  • Step 2: Meditate for 5-10 minutes, imagining the two candles represent the targets involved in the break up spell.
  • Step 3: Light the white candle.
  • Step 4: Meditate for 10-15 minutes, imagining that the white candle is the positive space that needs to be created between the two targets. Without space, they cannot break up, so imagine the space is a thick energy that prevents them from communicating, and it will create a more effective spell influence.
  • Step 5: Write the full names and dates of birth of the targets onto the parchment.
  • Step 6: Pour the salt and cloves onto the center of the parchment.
  • Step 7: Chant three times “With energy do they part, far from where they start.”
  • Step 8: Blow out the black candles and pour the wax that has formed onto the center of the parchment.
  • Step 9: Blow out the white candle and pour the tiny bit of white wax onto the center of the parchment.
  • Step 10: Roll the parchment up into a scroll-like shape.
  • Step 11: Use the string to bind the parchment into the scroll shape permanently (tie it tightly around the parchment so it cannot unroll).
  • Step 12: Store the parchment in a nightstand that is close to the bedside, as the sleeping location creates the greatest intention energy and will speed up the spell.
  • Step 13: Dispose of the scroll only after results have manifested.

Remember, if you have any personal interest in either of the targets, it is best not to be the spell caster. Spell casters who have a personal interest invested into a couple will create too much adverse energy to be effective. Outsourcing break up spell casting is the smartest way (and the only way) to obtain results. It is also the fastest way to break up a couple.

Break Up Spells That Work: Tips and Suggestions

Here are some helpful tips when looking for an effective break up spell:

  • Have a photograph of the target couple to break up
  • Collect accurate full names and dates of birth (not required but helps)
  • User fresh ingredients
  • Avoid Black Magick to prevent any consequences or backfire
  • Find a professional spell caster (break up spells are more powerful when cast by an experienced coven)

Finding a successful love spell caster can help make a break up spell more effective. This is because love spell energy is often created by very similar rituals which create break up and repulsion energy. Most love spell casters will gladly provide a quote for break up spells, provided the intention is ethical. While many people think break up spells require black magick, there are plenty of white magick break up spells that fall within the moral scope of ethical spell casting. In fact, most couples actually do NOT belong together! It’s very rare to find a couple that is meant to be, and even more rare to find a soul mate pair. Most reputable love spell casters understand that breaking up two people who are going to be absolutely miserable together is completely reasonable.

About the Author:

Bethany is a certified High Priestess in her coven. She has been practicing Wicca and several other spiritual arts for more than three decades. She works with a full coven on a regular basis and has been casting for the public for over 20 years. Bethany takes great pride in putting her heart into her spellwork. She has created a very powerful, proprietary blend of magick that has proven to be effective throughout the years. Bethany specializes in love spells and love magick.

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